SysGuard completed Grow IT program

Grow IT program services have been successfully delivered at SysGuard. Grow IT is an enterprise capacity building program sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) together with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).  Grow IT aims to improve the International competitiveness of Egyptian ICT companies that are exporting, export oriented or possess potentiality for exports.


Program overview

Grow IT program is considered to be the flagship program among ITIDA’s offerings to the community of ICT companies. It is geared towards helping the ICT companies streamline their business in order to achieve better competitiveness locally and internationally, leading to a general growth in the sector and an increase in the export capacity of these companies.

Grow IT team of consultants are working with selected companies, throughout the Assessment and Implementation phases, to identify operational inefficiencies and skills gaps  as well as recommend and implement methods to enhance efficiency and increase competitiveness.

Methodology followed:

The SOFT Methodology is Atos Consulting’s own property and proven methodology for business transformation. The methodology is composed of a number of processes and analytical tools, and based on a comprehensive model of business processes: the SOFT (Strategy, Operations, and Finance) model.
ITIDA has made an adaptation of ATOS (SOFT model) to service the Micro and Small Enterprises in collaboration with ATOS, resulting in a simplified model that can be applied for these type of companies, locally.


The program begins with signing a Letter of Commitment (LOC) and is divided into three main phases:

1. The Assessment Phase:

This is the 1st phase of the program, during which the consultants will perform the following tasks:

  • Detailed company assessment where the consultants will assess a company’s capabilities against international best practices, and deliver a Diagnostic Report using the Atos customized SOFT tool for the assessment for micro and small enterprises.
  • The consultant will develop a prioritization map to identify agreed upon priorities for the areas that need improvement.
  • Finally, the consultants will develop a Business Upgrade Plan (BUP) that will define the plans for implementing the business management best practices within the areas requiring improvement.

2. The Delivery Phase:

During this phase, the consultants will work with each beneficiary company to implement its agreed upon Business Upgrade Plan (BUP).  These BUPs will include business management best practices applied to each specific company, ensuring that the consulting services will be tailored to each company as based on the assessment.

3. The Closure Phase:

After all companies are assessed and their BUPs are implemented, the program will enter in a Wrap-Up phase during which the final results will be documented. Results will be aggregated, and closure reports will be written and delivered.


ITIDA has selected the ATOS Consortium to implement this program, which is a group of 5 highly-experienced organizations in business consultancy industry.



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