SysGuard Technical Support

SysGuard Support for customers with active service contracts

Between 09:00 – 18:00 Sunday  to Thursday, except official holidays:

  1. Use SysGuard Online Customer Support Portal – Log in
  2. Call SysGuard Support Line: (+202) 26719806
  3. Notify SysGuard Support by sending an email at:

Required information in order to open a Kernel Support Case:

  1. Brief description of the problems
  2. Equipment involved
  3. Location were the support is requested
  4. Severity of the problem (use the levels specified)
  5. Contact details and a phone number where the system engineer can call back

Severity levels used by the SysGuard Case Management System

  1. Severity 1 (S1)-Your IT Infrastructure is “down” or there is a critical impact to your business operations.
  2. Severity 2 (S2)-Operation of an existing IT Infrastructure is severely degraded, or significant aspects of your business operation are negatively affected by inadequate performance.
  3. Severity 3 (S3)-Operational performance of your IT Infrastructure is impaired while most business operations remain functional.
  4. Severity 4 (S4)-You require information or assistance from SysGuatd  regarding product capabilities, installation, or configuration.